Sunday Grub Mix

Bassline wonky techno  mix with a great track selection 🙂
Everything you need to accompany your sunday grub…
You can download it on my Soundcloud page.

Playlist :
Soulfunk – Phaeleh
Shameless – Wascal
Renegade Naker – Sample Junkie
Velocifaptor – Thorpey
Southern Cross – Kanji Kinetic
Think I’m Ready – Pirate Sound System
Get Ill – Heapy
Chainsaw Calligraphy – 16Bit (Kanji Kinetic remix)
Working on The Floor – Luke’s Anger
When You’re Not Here – David Lewis (Kanji Kinetic remix)
Hasty Boom Bass – Umio
Pump Me Up And Suck Me Off – Spitting Vitriol
Brain Man [pink + purple] (ft. Wiigstar + Big Jack) – Phatworld
Boyee – Vital Ex (Hadean remix)
In the Face – Gash
Sandpaper Riddim – the Squire of Gothos